Yeah… sorry

I’m sorry.

Why haven’t I posted over the last couple of weeks? Well, not enough news, not enough support to make it seem worth it, and general laziness.

On the other hand, TheTechNorth in video format IS COMING. I’m hoping to have the first vid up on August 5th, and I’m going to try to keep the schedule from this blog. For now though, I need some of your advice.

I’ve been looking at microphones to use for the videos. Currently, I’m on track for a RØDE SmartLav mic, but I’m willing to go for other lapel microphones which are good quality at a reasonable price. Any tips? Please send them in before July 29th.

So, I guess there is no point in saying what schedule I’m going to follow. I’ll try to post one or two things per week, but they will be on random days or maybe not there at all. I can’t guarantee anything.

NOTE: I still need some support for TheTechNorth on YouTube if it’s going to become a thing. So head over and subscribe. The link is below.


@TheTechNorth on Twitter:

TheTechNorth on YouTube (subscribe for videos coming in August!):

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