TheTechNorth on YouTube?

During the time I was inactive, when I was thinking about the blog, I was thinking of one thing in particular: turning TheTechNorth into a YouTube show.

There, I would record myself giving you the latest technology news several times a week. I’m not completely open to putting myself in front of a camera, so that’s a little scary for me, but most of all, I’m worried about the ratings and the reviews I’ll get on those videos. Not to mention if they’ll get enough attention to even be worth making. So please, help me out by following these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to TheTechNorth’s YouTube channel. The link is below.
  2. Tell your friends about this blog, and the possibility of turning it into a video series.
  3. Wait for the videos. If all goes well, I should be uploading the first one in August.

Any tips you could give me to help make this idea a reality? Anything you think I should avoid? Help me out in the comments.

EDIT: I’m also on the lookout for a microphone I could use, so if you know of a fairly cheap, good quality lapel microphone I could get, tell me in the comments.

@TheTechNorth on Twitter:

TheTechNorth on YouTube (subscribe for videos coming in August!):

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