Google Fiber coming to two new cities

Google Fiber was launched last year in Kansas City. The web giant has decided to expand its network of fiberoptic connections elsewhere. They announced on April 9th that the superfast internet will be arriving in Austin, Texas by mid-2014, and now they have revealed the third batch of customers. Where? Provo, Utah.

Yes. Provo, Utah. A city I was barely even vaguely aware existed. Apperantly, Google has chosen this small city in Utah due to the already-existing fiber underground. This network cost $39 million to cost, and the company has bought it for a grand total of… one dollar.

One dollar to buy all of the fiber network underneath Provo. They immediately sealed the deal, and Google Fiber is expected to arrive in Provo by the end of this year. Provo will continue to repay the loans that have stacked up since the beggining of construction, but otherwise, Google has full control – they can even sell the network back to the city for $1, if something goes wrong.

To summarize: if you live in Kansas City, you might be able to get Google Fiber today. If you live in Provo, Utah, you’ll have it by the end of the year. Residents of Austin, Texas will recieve the superfast internet service in mid-2014.

Read more about Google Fiber in Provo, UT in this article from The Verge:

…and about Austin, TX here:

@TheTechNorth on Twitter:

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