Facebook Home and HTC First

Why did I wait to talk about this until today? Because this phone is my idea of hell.

Facebook hosted this event primarily to show that they are really getting in to the mobile market, and they did this by previewing their new mobile platform, Facebook Home.

Facebook Home is a program available on Google Play, and once you’ve downloaded it, Mark Zuckerburg takes over your phone. (OK, maybe not that serious, but you get the idea.) When you unlock your phone you’ll see a brand new interface, designed around your Facebook News Feed. You’ll be able to view photos, read statuses, and like and comment on posts without opening an app.

What people are calling the “coolest feature”, but what they are going to end up calling the “most annoying feature” is Chat Heads. Chat Heads are small bubbles that pop up on your screen when you have a new message, if someone liked or commented on one of your posts or if someone liked or replied to one of your comments. From there, you can reply to the message, and once you go back to your app, the bubble will stay there. This can be extremely useful if you’re playing a game with someone, but the annoying part is that you get a new bubble for every person that messages you, and you have to manually discard them once your converstation is over. That might seem like a first world problem, but if someone is constantly sending you messages and you just want to ignore them, they’ll be unnecessarily taking up screen space.

At the bottom of your screen is your Facebook profile picture, constantly staring into your soul. Tap that and you will see the options for Facebook, Messenger, and Apps. Facebook is just the regular Facebook app available on Google Play, so is Messenger, and Apps is just a list of all of your apps. Kind of cool, but only if you check Facebook like every five seconds (in other words, this phone will be very popular among pre-teen girls).

Facebook Home will be available on April 12th for the HTC One X, HTC One X+, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2. It will also be available on the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, once those phones are released.

That’s basically it for Facebook Home, but the announcements certainly weren’t over.

The first Facebook phone with actual collaboration between producer and Facebook is the HTC First. The specs on this are bog standard, but the difference is that it will automatically be running Facebook Home (and therefore, it is MAGIC!) 4.3 inch 720p display, 1.4 GHz Dual-Core processor, 1 GB RAM, LTE, 5 MP 1080p rear-facing camera, 1.6 MP 720p front-facing camera. Available for $99 on AT&T on April 12th, pre-orders already open.

My thoughts? Avoid at all costs.

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