Facebook Phone?

Facebook is hosting an event tomorrow. This time, the rumors are stating a Facebook Phone.

First of all, let me get something straight: this post is from me. I do NOT think that this event is for the Facebook Phone. So during this post I will remain cautiously pessimistic.

The theme for the event is “Come see our new home on Android”. I think that this means a ton of new features for Facebook’s Google Play app, but not a new phone.

Here comes the creepy part: most rumors speculate that every single app will have a connection to Facebook somehow. Take a photo? Why not post it to Facebook? Sending a text? Why not via Facebook Messenger? etc. To this I answer; “because I want a goddamn private life too.”

Your Home Screen may become your News Feed, and your contact list may become your Facebook friends. You might be restricted to Facebook-connected apps, and you might not even be able to type in a phone number if you don’t have that person in your friends list.

There might be some of you screaming at your screen, “but there already was a Facebook phone!… kinda.” Well, you’re right. The 2011 HTC Sense went with the “stuff as much Facebook crap as you can into this phone” theme, but it was 1) a terrible phone, and 2) a terrible Facebook experience.

Basically, either Facebook gets it right this time, screws it up again and suffers a massive stock drop, or they don’t release a new app at all. No matter which one it is, I am going to stay away from this, and I think you should too. It’s really just giving Facebook your money so that you can have a phone and lose some of your private life.

Read more in this article from Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5992881/what-is-facebooks-big-mysterious-phone-going-to-be

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