Q1 2013

Three months have already passed this year. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s happened in the tech world.

January 8th-11th: CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held in Las Vegas. Lots of new products are introduced, including a ton of 4K TVs. So useless, yet so totally awesome!

January 19th: Kim Dotcom launches Mega, the successor to his old website (shut down by the FBI), MegaUpload. Massive court case in 3, 2, 1…

January 29th: Apple launches a 128 GB iPad. Sales for high-capacity Android tablets skyrocket.

February 20th: Sony hosts a media event. The Playstation 4 is announced. Sales for Wii Us skyrocket. (No, seriously. That actually happened.)

March 5th-8th: A new SimCity game is launched. Users can’t actually play it until about a week later.

March 14th: Samsung hosts an event. They announce the Samsung Galaxy S4. Suck it, iPhone 5!

March 26th: T-Mobile goes through its biggest change since launch. You can finally get a freaking iPhone.

Have a Happy Easter.

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