New T-Mobile Smartphones

Is it really worth waiting so long?

Yesterday, T-Mobile unveiled their line-up of new smartphones available on their carrier. These include the Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Nokia Lumia 810 (WINDOWS PHONE OH GOD NO), and yes, the iPhone. T-Mobile got the iPhone a year after Sprint, two years after Verizon, and six years after AT&T. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!

There are several advantages and several disatvantages to this. Having a smartphone on T-Mobile is definetly better than having a normal phone. Why do I say that? Well, T-Mobile is known for having crappy call quality, but they’ve tried to improve their reviews by introducing fast LTE all over the United States. So if you’re the kind of person who buys a smartphone just so you can play with it and use it as an internet device when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, this isn’t really worth it. But if you use 3G and LTE often, this might be worth the investment. They’re only slightly more expensive than they would be on other networks, and that is probably going to change over the years.

Most of these phones will be available this summer.

Read more in this article from The Verge:


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