The last SimCity game, SC4, came out just over 10 years ago. So what do people think of this new game a decade after its predecessor?

Please note: I do not have the game yet (it will be released in Europe on Friday, and I ordered mine from the States, so probably even later than that), so I’ll be relying on other people’s opinions and experiences.

The first huge letdown for players is the Always Online DRM, which requires the game to be connected to the internet to function. If you lose your connection, even for a few seconds, the game will shut down, or possibly even stop working entirely.

Always Online DRM limits gameplay experience for these reasons:

1) Security issues. Not only does the connection lead to a higher chance of being hacked, but because people don’t want DRM it will most likely be pirated more than non-DRM games – keep in mind that, not only are pirated games extremely cheap or even free, but EA does not earn a single penny from them.

2) Limited time for gameplay. The new SimCity game is a ticking timebomb, and its end will be the day EA shuts down the game’s servers. This problem does not exist for, let’s say, the original SimCity game from 1989, which still works almost 25 years after release. The day the shutdown happens, every single disc sold and every single digital copy downloaded will be completely useless. Except if you have one of those offline pirated copies which I mentioned earlier.

3) General frustration for the reasons listed above. This will not only lead to angry players, but also dissatisfied customers, who might try to stay away from EA in the future.

That being said, I will play the game at least some, and I might have a review up in a few weeks, depending on your opinions. Please tell me in the comments if you want a review or not.

I can’t find a big article for this topic yet (mainly because this post was about EA and DRM, not SimCity), so for now, here’s a British guy ranting about it:

(He’s an awesome let’s player in general, as well. Check out his channel and subscribe!)

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