More PS4 details

Sony has released some more information on the PS4 since the announcement just over a week ago.

First of all, Sony announced that every single retail game that can be bought will also be available for purchase digitally on the Playstation Store. This comes with alot of pros and cons, which I will just make a list out of:

PRO: No waiting in line, no finding a time to go to the mall, no finding a parking space once you get there, no finding out it’s out of stock. Instead of waiting outside GameStop for hours just before the midnight release you can sit at home and start the download when you’re ready.

CON: Storage space and internet speeds. Playstation 3 games were on Blu-rays (which can store 1.34 metric buttloads of data) and PS4 games are expected to be even bigger. Storing those games on a Playstation hard drive instead of a disk is going to waste alot of space, and possibly even slow the console down a little. Also, not everyone has fast internet, and considering Sony’s history of no multitasking while downloading a game, they will need to find some way to download the game while multitasking or while in sleep mode.

PRO: No losing or looking for a disk. All gamers have had this experience – you’re excited to finally have a chance to play a game with your friends, and right when it counts, you can’t find the disk.

CON: No resale and probably limited re-downloading. The used game market is HUGE, and even though having to buy games again is good for Sony and game programmers, it’s extremely frustrating for customers. Another thing that makes customers angry is having to re-purchase a game that you’ve already bought, but since your old Playstation broke (which it will at some point) and you had to buy a new one, you have to buy the game again. Moving to a newer console or downloading a game on multiple systems is even more frustrating, and even though I agree that companies have to regulate downloads so as not to have one person buy the game and download it on everyone’s systems, this system needs to better – but this is far too big of a topic to talk about in this post (let alone this paragraph), so let’s move on.

PRO: Games might be cheaper – think about it, you’re not buying an optical disk, a manual, or a disk.

CON: No they won’t.

Next, Sony has said that 4K content in the form of photos and videos will be compatible with the PS4, but has said nothing about 4K gaming, probably because approx. 5 households have 4K TVs – they are WAY too expensive, too big to fit in the average living room, and mostly pointless in any case, since there is very little 4K content out there.

Last but not least, remember all of those cool cloud features that Sony showed off at their event in February? Now they’ve said that they “will probably not be available on launch day”.

We still haven’t seen any pictures of the console itself or any price tag yet, though.

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