Samsung Galaxy IV!

Samsung is hosting an event on March 14th, and it will most likely be about their next Android superphone.

The rumors currently available state that the phone will have a 5-inch 1080p display with 440 ppi (pixels per inch). Hot DAMN!

Others state that it will contain an NFC chip with a built-in PayWave application, allowing you to use your phone as your wallet. Also cool.

An improved quad-core processor is also expected.

Samsung will probably try to AMAZE us with the phone’s camera. Probably 12 MP, maybe 15, but certainly not over that. Cameras are not only about megapixels (and even though Apple has stated this for several years, their devices’ cameras are still sh*t compared to Android phones), but also about improving the lenses, filters, and image stabilization.

Samsung tweeted their promo poster for the conferance (called “Unpacked”) with the text “Ready 4 the show – Come and meet the next Galaxy”. The 4 really gives away the plan.

Read more in this article from The Verge:

Samsung’s tweet:

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