TheTechNorth does American history!

I went to watch Lincoln yesterday in honor of my brother’s birthday (a brother, by the way, who has an awesome blog you can find a link to below), where I learned a fair bit of history from the American Civil War.

First though, I have to say: friggin’ amazing movie. Some parts were getting the point across rather badly, and overall I feel that the movie focused more on the 13th amendment than the actual President Lincoln, but whatever – I’m sure this brings in more revenue. The ending was also abit unnecessary, in my opinion.

There isn’t really anything tech-like in the movie, apart from the telegraph that was used a few times. That isn’t to say that there WASN’T alot of new technology in the 1860s (because there was – industrial revolution hallelujah!) but not much of it was used during the movie.

I’m looking forward to the DVD release in a few months time, although I have found some links to watch it online (just Google “lincoln movie online”) – make sure you don’t do this in a police station though, that would be silly.

My brother’s blog:

IMDB page:

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