Ugh, here we go…

I have to write a post about something I don’t like and don’t know anything about. So here goes.

I didn’t watch the stupi… super bowl, mainly because I don’t like hande… American football, but also because the game started at 12:30 at night. I have to admit though, there were some tech-ish moments during the game.

Firstly, the game had to be halted because of a 35-minute power outage in half of the Superdome. The Dome’s power provider, Entergy New Orleans, says that the fault is “on the customer’s side,” but local police say that too much power was being sent to the Dome, causing a surge.

Second (which is really just part two of the previous paragraph), during said power outage, Oreo had the time to make an ad with the caption “you can still dunk in the dark” – as well as tweet it.

Third, I found the time on Monday morning to watch some of the commercials, and I only have one thing to say: oh. my. god.

I found three that interested me:

The BlackBerry ad, which is about what BlackBerry 10 cannot do. It can’t set you on fire (which is probably for the better), can’t give you giant dinosaur feet (also probably a good thing), and it most definetly cannot turn an oncoming truck into a giant pile of rubber duckies (man, I hate it when I’m about to be run over by a truck and I want to turn it into a giant pile of rubber duckies…)

The GoDaddy ad. Yeah, no comment. Next.

Iron Man 3 – holy mother of awesomeness.

Read more about the power outage in this article from The Verge:

Oreo’s tweet:


BlackBerry –

GoDaddy –

Iron Man –

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