Launch of Mega

Do you remember MegaUpload, the now shut-down sharing site?

Well, Kim Dotcom is at it again, hoping to stay out of copyright area. His new site is called Mega, and has claimed over a million users in just 24 hours. Intented as a competitor to such popular storage solutions, such as dropbox, Mega allows users to upload and share files via a simple, drag-and-drop interface. It has also implemented a new encryption system, intended to protect it and its users from potential hacks or government raids. Users will recieve a complimentary 50 GB of storage on Mega’s servers, with the option of upgrading to 500 GB, 2 TB, and 4 TB, with an extra charge of €9.99, €19.99, and €29.99, respectively.

But it may be too early to cheer. Dotcom tweeted a picture of the new MegaMovie, a video sharing site which seems to have alot of the features that caused the MegaUpload shutdown. 

Dotcom is still mad at the US government. “The privacy of our users was intruded on, communications were taken offline, and free speech was attacked,” says Dotcom. Even as a free internet fighter, Dotcom was forced to hold back on the copyrighted content that forced his previous site to shut down. “No matter how many politicians you lobby, no matter how many SOPAs your money puts together in Congress, you will not succeed with your attempts to take control of our internet” Dotcom explains. Signups for Mega show no signs of slowing down, so we can only see if it avoids the same fate as its older sibling. You can find more information including videos in this article from The Verge:

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